The What, Why, And How Of Chamois Cream

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The What, Why, And How Of Chamois Cream

11 August 2015
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Americans took an estimated 4 billion bicycle trips in the year 2009 alone. While bicycling can be a great way to enjoy the scenery and get a little exercise while commuting to your destination, riding a bike can cause some uncomfortable chafing over time. If you are an avid bicyclist, you might want to invest in some chamois cream.

What Is Chamois Cream?

What started out as a cream to condition the leather pad that came standard on most bike shorts has now become one of the easiest ways for cyclists to prevent chaffing during extended bike rides.

Chamois cream, which got its name because those leather pads in bike shorts were called a chamois, is an antibacterial cream that can eliminate friction while operating a bike. You can get chamois cream in two different styles: a Euro-style cream that provides a cooling sensation while it protects from chafing, or a traditional chamois cream without the added cooling sensation. 

Why Do You Need A Chamois Cream?

While you might think that a bit of chafing is nothing more than a mere discomfort, chafed skin can actually lead to serious problems. When the skin chaffs, it becomes vulnerable to bacterial penetration. If enough bacteria enter the body through a chafed patch of skin, infection could set in.

Since chamois cream has antibacterial properties it can be beneficial in not only lubricating the skin, but fighting off any potential infection as well.

How Should A Chamois Cream Be Applied?

Applying a chamois cream is simple, and doesn't take much time. You should begin by liberally applying chamois cream wherever you feel chafing or hot spots during a ride. These areas tend to be where skin meets skin, so coat your inner thighs and buttocks for maximum protection.

If you are riding in inclement weather, or you predict that the intensity of your ride will cause you to heavily perspire, then putting chamois cream directly on your bike shorts can be beneficial. This prevents the cream from being wicked away with your sweat to ensure you are protected at all times. Chamois creams come in both tubs and tubes. If you plan to share with fellow riders, invest in a tube product to prevent cross-contamination.

Bicycling enthusiasts of all skill levels can benefit from using a chamois cream for cyclists. When you eliminate chafing you make your rides more comfortable, ensuring that your bike excursions are enjoyable in the future.