Want To Be A Hair Stylist? Getting The Right Education And Job

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Want To Be A Hair Stylist? Getting The Right Education And Job

26 August 2015
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Being a hair stylist can be a rewarding career because you make people feel better about themselves. Before you can become a hairstylist, however, you will need to get the right education. Below is some information about the type of education you will have and choosing the place you will work.


To become a hair stylist, some states will require that you have your high school diploma or a GED before you can get your license. To obtain your license, you need to complete courses from a cosmetology school. Most of these programs will last about nine months. Once you finish the program, you will have to take a licensing examination to receive your license. The American Association of Cosmetology Schools can help you find a school to receive the right type of training you need.

What You Will Learn

You will learn how to cut hair when you go to beauty school, but it is much more than this.  Science is a large part of it, as you have to learn the anatomy of the hair, nails, and skin. After a few weeks you will learn chemistry, due to the chemicals you will likely be using on your clients. This is to ensure you understand the ingredients you are using and how they will interact with each other. This is important because, if you make chemical mistakes, you could harm yourself and your clients.

Once you get past the first part, you get to start working with hair, learning the standard things like working with both short and long hair, how to mix hair colors together to achieve the right color for your clients, and how to apply lowlights and highlights.

Where You Will Work

Once you finish your schooling, you get to find a hair stylist job. You have different options to choose from when working in a hair salon. Some salons will have you work on a commission basis,

Some salons rent out one of their chairs instead of working on commission. You would pay the salon owner a monthly fee for the chair much like you would pay rent for an apartment, and you would receive 100% of your earnings. Make sure you ask the salon owner how their salon works before you take the job.

Take time to visit a lot of the salons in your area before you choose one to work in. Make sure wherever you choose has stylists that are willing to work with someone that has no experience.