3 Tips For Treating Lice In Your Child's Hair

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3 Tips For Treating Lice In Your Child's Hair

18 November 2016
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Obviously no parent wants their child to get head lice, but if it does happen, there are things that you can do to make the treatment process a successful one. This article will discuss 3 tips for treating lice in your child's hair.

Focus Your Energy On Treating And Combing Your Child's Head of Hair 

Since the main problem is your child's hair, where the lice are currently residing, this is where you are going to want to focus almost all of you energy. You will first want to comb your child's hair while it is dry to try to remove any lice this way. You will then wet your child's hair and use the special cleansing agent to draw out and kill the lice. Combing quickly and carefully is the best way to remove lice during this process. You will repeat this process for multiple days until your child's hair is lice free. 

Boil And Wash The Comb Between Each Use 

Because the comb that you use to comb the lice out of your child's hair is going to be used multiple times, it is important that it is cleaned thoroughly between each use. A great way to do this is to start off by boiling them comb. This is going to kill any and all lice that are on it, helping to make it useable again. After you are done boiling the comb, you will then want to place it in the dishwasher, just to make extra sure that if any of the lice did happen to stay on the comb, or get back on the comb, that they are going to be killed as well. You will then want to place the comb in a sterile environment, such as a sealed container, until you use it the following day to treat your child's lice again. 

Wash Everything 

When your child gets lice, you may have no idea where they got it from, and probably never will. However, because your child has moved all over the house with their head lice, you probably realize that your home is likely invested. Since you don't want to get head lice, and you likely don't want the rest of your children to get head lice, you are going to need to wash, sterilize, and otherwise clean everything. You will want to wash all of the bedding or other blankets and pillows that your child came in contact with. You will also want to vacuum your furniture, your floors, and any other area with fabric in your home. Even washing your curtains, table clothes, clothes, and other items of this nature are going to be very important. However, as an added comfort, you have the benefit of knowing that lice can't last long off of a person's head, so they won't be able to spread for too long.