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Hair and Skin Care Basics for Everyone

My hair has always been a little on the dry side. No matter how many bottles of conditioners I buy or slather on my hair, it still comes out dry. I decided to talk to a hair and skin care specialist about my hair problem. After the specialist asked me questions about my hair washing habits, they pretty much suggested that I needed to make a huge change in my life. I was the reason for my dry hair. I over-conditioned my hair. In addition, I used the wrong type of conditioners. If you have problems with your hair, read my blog. I help you find expert tips and advice on how to improve your hair and body care fast. Thanks for stopping by.

Trying To Fight Aging Skin: Ingredients To Look For

20 August 2015
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When you're trying to choose a dermatological product or a cosmetic product to heal and hide your aging skin, you are going to want to be sure that it is as effective as possible. One way that you could do this is by looking at the ingredients that are in the product before you purchase it. There are certain ingredients that are tremendously helpful to have in a product because it makes them much more effective. Read More …

How Bone Scans And Other Tests Can Lead To The Detection Of Bone Cancer

19 August 2015
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Certain types of bone cancer grow calciferous tumors, while other types of bone cancer break down the bone and make it less dense. While a traditional x-ray and cancer screening tests are preferred methods for finding bone cancer, a DXA, or DEXA scan, can alert you to problems with your bones that you were not aware of and may or may not be cancerous. Here is how bone scans and other types of tests can help you and your doctor screen for bone cancer. Read More …

Pimple Busters: 2 Simple & Natural Acne Solutions To Try

13 August 2015
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Acne may be a natural reaction, but it is not an easy affliction to deal with, especially if it paints a bumpy picture on your face. There are a few things you can do to deal with this problem, like talking to a cosmetic dermatologist, like the ones at Greater Des Moines Dermatology, P.C., or using some commercially-sold remedies. But those remedies may contain questionable ingredients, which may encourage you to turn to natural options, like the following. Read More …

The What, Why, And How Of Chamois Cream

11 August 2015
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Americans took an estimated 4 billion bicycle trips in the year 2009 alone. While bicycling can be a great way to enjoy the scenery and get a little exercise while commuting to your destination, riding a bike can cause some uncomfortable chafing over time. If you are an avid bicyclist, you might want to invest in some chamois cream. What Is Chamois Cream? What started out as a cream to condition the leather pad that came standard on most bike shorts has now become one of the easiest ways for cyclists to prevent chaffing during extended bike rides. Read More …