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My hair has always been a little on the dry side. No matter how many bottles of conditioners I buy or slather on my hair, it still comes out dry. I decided to talk to a hair and skin care specialist about my hair problem. After the specialist asked me questions about my hair washing habits, they pretty much suggested that I needed to make a huge change in my life. I was the reason for my dry hair. I over-conditioned my hair. In addition, I used the wrong type of conditioners. If you have problems with your hair, read my blog. I help you find expert tips and advice on how to improve your hair and body care fast. Thanks for stopping by.

Keeping Your Skin Looking Young Without Surgery

26 October 2016
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Like many people, when you get older and look at your face, you can see signs of aging. Facial lines, wrinkles, and crepe-like skin around the eyes is not uncommon. Luckily, if these changes bother you, there are actions you can take and products you can use on a regular basis to return a youthful glow to your face. Here are two things to try. Enjoy More Water One of the simplest actions you can take if you think your face is starting to look old is to drink much more water than you're currently drinking. Read More …

Love The Skin You’re In: Tips To Help Your Skin Be At Its Best

17 June 2016
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Good, clear skin is the ideal for most people, but it can be hard to know exactly how to best help your skin to be at its firmest and best. If you're looking for some tips to get your skin up to par, then here are a few suggestions you may want to keep in mind. Catch Some Zzzzs You've heard over and over again that sleep is the time that your body repairs itself – and that includes your skin. Read More …

4 Tips For Growing Your Facial Hair

23 February 2016
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Beards have become increasingly popular in the last few years, especially in the month of November, also titled "No-Shave November." However, many men have the problem of not being able to grow facial hair, or at least no being able to grow thick facial hair that is consistent, but instead grows in small patches. Here are four tips to help you grow your facial hair long, strong, and healthy: Keep Your Body Healthy: In order for facial hair to grow thick and strong, you have to have a healthy body. Read More …

Facing Hair Loss: Three Herbal Remedies To Try

30 December 2015
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If your hair is looking a bit thinner, you do have options. While many patients end up opting for surgical hair replacement, it is worth your while to try some less drastic measures first. Some patients have had success with these herbal remedies, and since they are generally safe, you'd be wise to give one or more of them a try before resorting to surgery or more powerful medications. Stinging Nettle Read More …

5 Tips For Making Your Hair Color Last Longer

30 November 2015
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It can be quite frustrating to spend money on salon hair color and have it fade in a week or two. That does not have to happen though. If you take extra good care of your tresses and change some of your habits, your color will stay vibrant for a while. Here are five helpful tips for making your hair color last longer: Stop Washing Your Hair So Much One of the easiest and most effective ways to preserve your color is to avoid shampooing your hair as much. Read More …