Preparing For A Wax: Tips For The Best Results

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Preparing For A Wax: Tips For The Best Results

22 February 2017
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Waxing unwanted hair from your face or certain body areas is a popular remedy for smoother, more attractive skin. With the right application and preparation you can achieve beautiful results without irritating your tender skin. Here are some tips for hair removal when you choose to wax over other removal techniques.

Don't shave

The longer your unwanted hair is on your face or body, the easier it is to remove. Eliminate shaving for several days prior to your wax appointment to help prepare your skin, keeping it less irritated and prone to ingrown hairs.

You can sometimes bleach facial hair so it is less noticeable until your waxing appointment, or you can wear clothing that covers your legs, arms, and other areas you wish to have waxed.

Ready the pores

The larger your pores are, the more removal-friendly your hair becomes. Take a hot shower or bath to get the area ready that you want to wax. The heat opens your pores and relaxes your hair follicles, allowing for a greater 'grip' of the waxing materials and cloth for quicker, more painless removal with fewer applications.


A gentle exfoliating cream helps to open your pores and relax your hair follicles even further, and it has the added benefit of removing dead skin from the application site. This helps you have a cleaner surface for the applying wax, which can allow for fewer applications and smoother results. Exfoliation prior to waxing also helps reduce ingrown hairs when your hair begins to slowly grow back for more beautiful skin.

Relieve pain in advance

Since waxing pulls hair directly from the body, you can bet there is some discomfort involved in this type of hair removal process. Rather than follow the 'no pain, no gain' mantra, treat yourself to a little pain relief by taking an over the counter pain medication for treating headaches or sore muscles. Make sure to take this medication several minutes prior to the wax treatment to allow the medicine to kick in.

You can also have ice packs ready to relieve any swelling that may occur in tender areas after removing hair from them. Make sure to only apply ice to the area after waxing, not before, to avoid closing your pores and making the hair removal process more difficult. Place an ice pack in a cloth to create a barrier between your skin and the cold to protect yourself.

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