How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Chemo Cold Cap

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How To Get The Most Benefit From Your Chemo Cold Cap

2 July 2018
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Fighting cancer is a battle, and for some victors, their battle scars show up in the form of hair loss. In years past, chemo patients could all but guarantee that they would lose their hair during or after the treatment. However, there are options now that can lower this risk; cold caps are one of these options. If you plan to use a cold cap during your treatment, learn what you can do to get the most benefit. 

Drink Plenty of Water

Water is an excellent nutrient for the body. Water doesn't just keep you hydrated, but it also keeps your body strong, including your hair.

Chemotherapy puts your hair in a vulnerable state. So, the stronger your hair is, the more equipped it will be to withstand the effects of the treatment. Make drinking plenty of water a regular part of your day. Drinking water may also help you through your treatment.

Avoid Excessive Washing

Try not to wash your hair excessively during your treatment process. Again, your hair is already in a vulnerable state, and excessive washing is often drying. Hair that is fragile and dry is at an elevated risk for damage.

While you can still wash your hair, you should not wash your hair at the same rate as you did in the past. On your wash days, make sure you are massaging your scalp gently; you don't want to be too rough.

Style Wisely

The styles you choose to wear while undergoing chemo with a cold pack should not require too much manipulation. Pulling your hair up into a tight and high bun may seem harmless.

But, when your hair is already in a fragile state, the extra tension from the style can create problems. You may want to wear your hair down or rely on styles that don't require much manipulation and that are not very tight. 

Eliminate Harsh Chemicals

If you've been dying your hair in the past, you want to stop for now. Hair coloring is an intense process. When you apply color, you are basically stripping the hair and penetrating the fiber to change its appearance. Stylist often discourage coloring for damaged hair, so the fact that you're undergoing chemo makes color a very bad idea. 

When used correctly, chemo cold caps are effective tools for helping you avoid or minimize hair loss during chemotherapy. Make sure you follow these tips to get the most from your efforts.