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My hair has always been a little on the dry side. No matter how many bottles of conditioners I buy or slather on my hair, it still comes out dry. I decided to talk to a hair and skin care specialist about my hair problem. After the specialist asked me questions about my hair washing habits, they pretty much suggested that I needed to make a huge change in my life. I was the reason for my dry hair. I over-conditioned my hair. In addition, I used the wrong type of conditioners. If you have problems with your hair, read my blog. I help you find expert tips and advice on how to improve your hair and body care fast. Thanks for stopping by.

Three Tips For Your Probiotic Health

15 December 2017
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If you're paying attention to health and wellness news, you've probably heard the word probiotics thrown around. Rest assured that people are getting wise to probiotic benefits for good reason. Caring for your probiotic health is a necessity for a lot of reasons, so you'll want to start taking supplements, foods, and products that will help you manage this area of health. Read below to learn more about probiotics and what they can do for you. Read More …

Preparing For A Wax: Tips For The Best Results

22 February 2017
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Waxing unwanted hair from your face or certain body areas is a popular remedy for smoother, more attractive skin. With the right application and preparation you can achieve beautiful results without irritating your tender skin. Here are some tips for hair removal when you choose to wax over other removal techniques. Don't shave The longer your unwanted hair is on your face or body, the easier it is to remove. Read More …